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The shops below all sell clothes online which are either specially designed for tall men or are available with extra long leg lengths. The shops are listed in alphabetical order.

2TallInternational Delivery Available. 2 Tall is different from a lot of the other shops listed here in that it specifically caters for tall men rather than big men or big and tall men. They sell a great selection of clothes with extra long trousers in lengths up to 38 and even 40 inches.

AmazonInternational Delivery Available. Amazon have a good selection of clothes in bigger and longer sizes. For example mens 36 inch trousers. Its worth having a look to see if one of their merchants has what you need. Visit the amazon mens clothing page and type in what you are looking for.

Big Fish ClothingInternational Delivery Available. As stated on their website: ‘ aims to be the UK’s leading site on big and tall men’s fashion trends and the most popular online fashion store in the UK’. They are off to a good start and have a good selection of trousers available in inside leg lengths of 33, 36 and 38 inches.

BodenInternational Delivery Available.The Mens trousers sold by Boden come in two lengths, regular and long. The long trousers have an inside leg length of 35.8 inches or 91cm. Choose from a good selection of casual trousers and jeans. Alternatively you can have your trousers hemmed to your own specifications. Most of Bodens men’s trousers come with unfinished inside leg lengths (see the sizing charts for more information). You may choose, however, to have your trousers or jeans hemmed for an additional fee of £6.

DebenhamsInternational Delivery Available. Debenhams have a Big and Tall clothing section for men. There is a good selection of trousers available with the longest length being a 35 inch inside leg.

High and MightyUK Delivery. High and Mighty have a tall section with longer length trousers and larger shoe sizes. Jeans and trousers are available in leg lengths up to 38inches.

Jacamo UK Delivery. Jacamo has a good selection of trousers in lengths up to 36 inches. They also have a selection of tops available in two lengths which is useful for the taller man.

NextInternational Delivery Available but you have to select your country before shopping. Next online have a ‘longer and larger’ section for mens clothing. There is quite a large range of clothes available with longer length sleeves, legs and body. XXL trousers have an inside leg length of 37 inches.

Rochester ClothingUK Delivery From UK Website. To delivery to other countries you have to select the website for the country you live in. Rochester Big and Tall started in San Francisco but now has stores in over 20 locations including London. They have a big range of clothes including designer clothes which are specifically tailored for tall men. Trousers are available in lengths up to 38 inches.

Walk Tall International Delivery but not to the USA or Canada. Walk Tall specialize in shoes for tall men but also have a selection of tall fit clothing. The clothes available for men include long jeans, trousers, shirts and t-shirts from top brands. Trousers are available in 34, 36, 38 and 40 inch inside leg lengths.

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    We are a UK company who specialise in clothing and shoes specific for tall men. We are not another “big and tall” as all we sell fits regular or athletic build tall guys. We have over 50 pairs of jeans and chinos in a 38″ or a 40″ leg plus shoes starting from a size 13. Take a look for yourself at


    Tall is All.


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