Maternity Clothes For Tall Women

Maternity Clothes for Tall women – If you are tall its hard to find clothes that are long enough but it is even harder if you are pregnant. In the early stages of pregnancy you won’t need dedicated maternity clothes and will be able to get away with clothes made out of stretchy material such as yoga pants and leggings. Later on in pregnancy you will need purpose made maternity trousers. Finding these in longer lengths in not easy. However, we have done the research for you and here we have summarised the shops that sell extra long maternity trousers as well as other maternity essentials including but not limited to extra long jeans, work clothes, casual tops and swimming costumes. If you live outside the UK then we have also highlighted which shops will deliver internationally.

Tall Maternity StoreInternational delivery available. The Tall Maternity Store sells extra long maternity trousers from the Mummy Long Legz brand. Maternity trousers are available for work, rest or play with an inside leg length of 34 or 36 inches.

Long Tall SallyInternational delivery available. At the time of writing, Long Tall Sally had 5 maternity products for sale. Two styles of maternity jeans, some maternity leggings and some maternity trousers suitable for work, all with extra long leg lengths available. They also have one maternity skirt.

Isabella OliverInternational delivery available. Isabella Oliver also have some trousers available with an inside leg length of 34 inches.

New LookInternational delivery available. New Look have a dedicated maternity range with a small selection of smart trousers and jeans in 34 inch lengths. They currently deliver to over 120 countries.

Dorothy Perkins International delivery available. Dorothy Perkins at the time of writing had 6 different styles of maternity jeans available in longer length with an inside leg length of 34 inches.

Mamalicious – This brand is sold in several different shops online and they do quite a few styles of jeans with an inside leg length of 34 inches.

If you are looking for maternity jeans with an inside leg length of 34 inches, then have a look at our Maternity Jeans page.

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