Clothes Shops For Tall Women

Some of the best online clothes shops for tall women

There are a lot more shops selling clothes for tall people than there used to be. This page concentrates on which shops sell clothes for tall women. For a list of shops selling clothes for tall men click here. All the shops listed on this page sell clothes online and we have provided information on which countries they deliver to in addition to the UK. Some of the shops in the list are the shops which specialise in clothes for tall women. However, we have also included shops which have tall departments or shops that sell trousers for women in longer lengths. The clothes shops are listed alphabetically and not in order of preference.

AmazonInternational delivery available. Not an obvious choice, but Amazon actually sell a lot of clothes mostly through third party merchants. Since there are so many shops selling via Amazon, there is actually quite a large selection of clothes available. Click here for womens 34 inch trousers. For anything else go straight to the amazon clothes page and type in your request. Its worth a try !

ASOS – International delivery available – ASOS now have a tall section with trousers or jeans in extra long leg lengths up to 36 inches. Careful about pricing though. At the time of writing their ‘New Look’ products were more expensive than buying direct from the New Look website. Its possible that this is true for other brands although we haven’t checked yet.

Banana RepublicInternational delivery available. Banana Republic have trousers in four different lengths. The longest inseams or inside leg length they do are Regular: 33 ¼” and Long/Tall: 36 ¼”. (34″ and 37″ for jeans). There is a large selection of trousers available in Regular in work, smart and casual styles.

Dorothy PerkinsInternational delivery available. Dorothy Perkins have a small Tall section with a lot of extra long trousers and a few other items of clothing such as dresses and coats in longer lengths. The inside leg for both jeans and trousers is 91.5 cm (36 inches).

NextInternational delivery available. Next have always sold a few styles of trousers in longer lengths but the extra long sizes are not always available in every store so you need to shop by catalogue or online. They are now doing a much wide range of clothes which are tailored for tall women in their Tall Collection. The Tall Collection is aimed at women over 5’10” and the inside leg length of trousers goes up to 35 inches (89cm) on most products.

EspritDelivery in the UK and some EU countries. Esprit have a wide range of trousers with several styles available with an inside leg length of 34 inches. This is one of the easiest sites to use since you don’t have to click on a pair of trousers to see what sizes and lengths they come in. All you have to do is pass your mouse over the trousers you are interested in and a pop up box appears showing which waist and leg length combinations are in stock and available. This makes the site very quick and easy to use.

Fat FaceInternational delivery available. Fatface don’t specifically cater for tall women but they do have a limited range of trousers and jeans available with an inside leg length of 34 inches.

G-Star RawDelivery to 12 Countries Including UK, US and Australia. G-Star Raw sell modern and trendy clothes with an urban feel. They sell a large selection of womens trousers and jeans with an inside leg length of 34 inches. They also have a smaller range of products with an inside leg length of 36 inches.

Jeans Direct Delivery in the UK and Europe. Deliveries are free on orders over £80. Jeans can be difficult to find for taller people but this sites offers jeans in a whole range of sizes for taller customers, both male and female, in brands such as Levi’s, Lee, Ben Sherman, Wrangler, etc. Jeans are sorted by sizes (e.g. 34×36, 38×34, 38×32 inches) and length goes up to 35 inches for women.

Long Tall Sally International delivery available. This is arguably one of the best known shops specialising in and selling clothes for tall women. They sell a variety of extra long trousers with inside leg lengths going up to 36 inches. They also sell clothes of all types including but not limited to tops, shirts, jumpers and coats which are cut and proportioned for tall ladies.

New LookInternational delivery available. Unlike some of the other shops, International delivery is free on orders over £55. New Look have a much larger Tall range of clothes than Dorothy Perkins with a variety of affordable clothes. Their website claims that they have a ‘range of tall women’s clothing, specially selected and proportioned to fit all women 5Ft 6in over’. We don’t consider 5’6″ to be tall but even so their trousers are available in 34 inch or 86 cm inside leg lengths.

TopshopInternational delivery available. Topshop have a dedicated Tall section on their website selling a variety of clothes for women over 5’7″. Their extra long trousers are available with an inside leg length of 36 inches.

TallgirlsInternational delivery available. – We have only just discovered this website and as yet have no experience of buying clothes from them. If you have any feedback then let us know. Tallgirls also trading as The Tall Shop have a large variey of clothes available for tall women. The trousers are available with inside leg lengths up to 38 inches which is longer than most of the other shops we list.

If you have experience of shopping for clothes for tall women then please leave your comments and any suggestions on where to shop below.

2 thoughts on “Clothes Shops For Tall Women

  1. Rachael Waring

    It would be great if our site could be mentioned on your site as we are a British company with an exclusive range of luxury clothing specifically designed and produced in-house for the taller woman. The majority of our trousers are available with a choice of 36″, 37″ or 38″ leg length. To view our full collection please visit our website: – our clothes are also sold by stockists around the world.

  2. liz cook

    Tesco have a very limited range of Tall clothes, my inside leg is 34/35″ and their tall leggings fit me.
    Tall Girls is a very good place to shop, their sale bargains are good although they run out of popular sizes very quickly (as per usual)! The quality and fit is true to size.
    I have shopped at LTS for years but they are Sooooo frumpy and not a lot of cotton involved.
    Lankybird are no longer trading I believe.
    I always shop in Next now – I can enter my size and all the options come straight up, delivery and quality always good.
    For cheap and cheerful, Dotty P, New Look and Topshop are all worth a look.
    Hope this helps someone!


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