Shop By Trouser Lengths

One of the hardest things to buy if you are tall is trousers. The inside leg length is never quite long enough. As long as you know what your inside leg length is, the tables below should make life easier by showing you which shops sell which length of trousers. There are two tables, one for tall women and one for tall men.

Where to buy trousers for tall women :

33 inches34 inches35 inches36 inches37 inches38 inches
Long Tall SallyYesYesYesYesYesYes
Top ShopYesYesYes
Tall GirlsYesYesYes
New LookYes
G-Star RawYesYes
Dorothy PerkinsYesYesYes
Fat FaceYesYes
Lanky BirdYesYesYes
Banana RepublicYesYesYes

Where to buy trousers for tall men :

34 inches35 inches36 inches37 inches38 inches39 inches40 inches
Walk TallYesYesYesYes
Rochester ClothingYesYesYes
Big Fish ClothingYesYesYes

6 thoughts on “Shop By Trouser Lengths

  1. Jackie

    Need to find skirts, hving problems being 5ft 11inches and size 8 in clothes . Also dresses are also to short

    1. Talltrends Post author

      Hi Jackie, we have concentrated on trousers because that has been a bigger problem for us over the years. We’ll look at adding info about skirts and dresses though. Thanks for your comment.

  2. joan gamble

    Their is not enough 33 inch trousers about to buy I mean good quality trousers in all colours I could not get beige trousers no were this summer

  3. Talltrends Post author

    You are right Joan, 33 inches is a hard length to find. From memory though aren’t M&S long length trousers often 33 inches?


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