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Over the last century the average height of men and women in England has increased. This is partly due to genetics and partly due to improved medical care and improved nutrition. According to Wikipedia, the average height of men in England is 5’10” or 1.776m and the average height of women is 5’4 1/2 ” or 1.637 m. Obviously a lot of clothes shops and retailers make their products to suit the average sized person and don’t really cater for tall people. Therefore if you are outside the average you may have trouble finding clothes that fit well. The main aim of this website is to help tall men and women find shops that sell clothes to fit them. There are an increasing number of shops that sell trousers with longer inside leg lengths for tall people. However, tall women don’t just need extra long trousers and jeans. They also need longer tights, leggings, tops, coats and often tall men and women need bigger shoes sizes. Our list of shops will help you find somewhere to buy trousers and all sorts of other clothes in longer lengths and in tailored styles that look good.

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